What is Commando Fit?

Commando Fit is a physical activity programme which has been formulated using a mix of military style training sessions used to, condition the British army, Fire-fighters and Professional athletes. It has been put together by the founder of Commando Fit who has served in the British Army and was also an Army and Combined Services athlete competing in the same team as the double Olympic Gold Medallist, Dame Kelly Holmes. It also incorporates some of the training sessions learned while serving as a Firefighter as well as the training methods used to condition Professional Footballers. In a nutshell, it is a complete and holistic approach to physical training to improve your health and well being.
Did we mention it was environmentally friendly also. We have now!

Who will my instructors be?

All instructors are chosen for their athletic ability and ability to lead safely. We are what we preach, fit enough gto meet any military challenge or task and are very motivational leaders. We will not bark orders at you (like you need to do with some lazy soldiers and lazy professional footballers!) although will get loud at times to encourage you. Instructors will rotate between groups so we can get to know all of you. All instructors are qualified and trained in fitness and several have undertaken extensive qualifications including degrees in Sport and Exercise related fields and thus have a BSc (Hons). They fully understand the military style of training and are from various backgrounds having worked and trained in many settings such as the military, professional sport, the public services (Fire, Police), professional football and endurance races (marathons, triathlons etc). They are friendly and excellent motivators and have one goal, to get you fitter or slimmer (or both). You are in safe hands.

Do I need to be fit to join the classses?

No. However you need to be serious about getting fit and willing to join in with the class and other group members as the sessions also encourage teamwork, a pre-requisite when working like the military. i.e you need to COMMIT TO GET FIT and get some Mental Toughness. You will be asked to complete a basic medical/ exercise questionnaire to determine if you are ready to immediately undertake exercise with no possible complications. You may be referred back to a doctor to confirm your readiness (in yours and our best interests) although this is rare.

But I have not exercised for so long now I feel worried that this is not for me.

All the more reason for getting the doctor to check you over so we all know you will be safe to exercise.

I am still not sure, I can’t even walk far without feeling tired never mind run or any of those other exercises.

DO NOT WORRY. You can come along and we will give you a start-up program for you to work on over the first month. This will involve you doing our warm up so we can get you into the routine and then following a basic program to prepare you for entry into our sessions.

Will I really lose weight, I have not been able to in the past.

You have probably lacked the real discipline and dedication you need for success (be honest with yourself). In this case just make sure you make the 3 weekly sessions and leave the rest to us.

What is the cost?

The monthly cost varies between £22-£32, payable by standing Order. For this you can attend between 1-3 weekly sessions, which can work out at around £1.50 per session (5-6 sessions per week), which are highly effective and motivational sessions. There is no membership fee at present but we ask you to commit to a minimum of 3 monthly payments by direct debit to see the results and the new you. If you are not happy, then you can simply give Debit Fiance Ltd (our collection agents) 30 days notice you are leaving us, no hard feelings. It is a rolling contract though (like a mobile phone) so ensure you inform Debit Finance you will be leaving us. ALL terms and conditions can be seen before you sign up in the comfort of your own home with no hard saleslines from a gym manager.

If I am unfit I will be left at the back won’t I, just like all those awful school PE sessions?

Unfortunately, someone will always be at the back, and yes it may well be you but your group and instructor will continually help and encourage you to stay with them, you start as a team and finish as a team. Teamwork is constantly promoted and nobody should have a problem with this. We cannot all be fit can we? As you continue with the training new members will come along and have you to support them when and if they are at the back.

Do I need any special clothing?

No. Comfortable exercise clothing will suffice, but not your best training equipment, it may get dirty! You will need to take a serious look at your footwear though. Many fashion trainers are simply not up to exercise demands, they may look good, but perform poorly leaving you sore or injured. Just one physiotherapy session will cost you around £40, MORE than 1 pair of decent trainers. We will advise you on this before your first session as this is one of our safety checks.

What if it rains?

Good call. Yeh, the British Army, the best army in the world always have their early morning Physical Training sessions indoor when it rains. Get real, there is no such thing as bad weather, simply bad dressing! And we are all waterproof.

What about the dark?

We have managed to sort this one also. We try to exercise in well lit areas over the winter but due to evolution and suchlike, we have good vision when our eyes become focused and used to the dark.


We appreciate that good hygeine is important and there is no way that you could go to work after exercise and last all day with a bit of ‘smelly’. Therefore we have managed to ensure there is a nice warm shower for you after morning training so you can simply get straight off to work after a mornings workout. After an evening session we are certain you would prefer a bit of luxury at home.

Are the sessions all really hard? I never work that hard at the gym and feel as though I am not improving.

The sessions are as hard as you want them to be. If you want to give less than 100% be prepared for less than best results. You will be encouraged and motivated throughout the session but not asked to do something you are not happy with. Be prepared to do things which are out of the ordinary though and push your own boundaries and you will achieve your goals. Also remember other people may be relying on your participation.

Will I be able to get changed at the exercise venue?

If you want but as it is in a public park you could get done for exposure! Best come prepared.

Will I need fluid / water?

Yes, you will need to come with suitable hydration for after the sessions. We carry the water with us and give you suitable water stops en route.

What about my car keys and purse?

We collect them from you at the start of the class and we carry them with us at all times. At the end of the session we empty the car keys out into a pile and then wait for the wise cracks!

What kind of training will it involve?

In a nutshell everything, it is a holistic approach to training. Fitness means different things to different people. To us being fit means having a bit everything in your locker: Strength, Stamina, Speed, Stability and Suppleness. Its no use having muscles if you cannot run for your life just as its no use having great flexibility if you can’t perform those Travolta moves on the dancefloor. We train all the elements i.e Access All Areas

Does this mean I will end up with big muscles?

No. You may well be expected to lift some weight at times but mostly this will be your own body weight. Your muscles will become stronger and more toned but you will not look like Rambo.

Will you measure my fitness?

Yes. We will perform a series of standard tests and compare them against an acceptable level. You will be able to see how you compare against a fitness norm and will be given a rank based on your grade: Recruit; Soldier; Commando and Elite. These results will determine which group you will work with and give you a grade which we will improve upon over the following weeks. We will then re-assess your fitness so you can see your own progress although you will probably be feeling more fitter and more toned. However, a scoring system can be an excellent motivator also and will drive you to surpass your expectations.

If there are any other questions then feel free to contact us, or even better try our FREE Trial. Hope to see you soon!

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