We do get people very fit and with improved fitness comes improved health. What price can you put on that? Money or longer life? But don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few of our favourite statements by our clients:

Richard from Wakefield.

“I have lost a stone just through the exercise alone. I would just like to say thanks for getting me fit and organising the Three Peaks challenge and BBQ”.

Judith from Bradford

“This is the best exercise class I have ever been to, and I’ve attended thousands. It’s also the most social one as well, I knew five peoples names by the end of the session”.

Sarah from Birkenshaw.

“£50 per month gym membership and I never went and £25 per hour for a personal trainer when I felt guilty. What a waste of money. You guys get better results with a personal touch for a fraction of the cost. Fantastic value”.

Richard from Burley in Wharfedale (Professional football linesman).

“I don’t weigh myself but I reckon I have lost a stone since starting. My back feels stronger and my fitness levels now mean I get higher scores when I run the line”.

Wendy from Thornton.

“I have lost so much weight none of my clothes fit me. I also eat more than I ever did”.

Sally from Wakefield.

“I had my free trial and I thought it was fantastic. The instructor was excellent and so were the other exercisers. I will be signing up for more”.

Sarah from Leeds.

“With a mountain marathon coming up in Austria this is just what I need, someone to push me and explain everything about exercise and training”.

Vicky from Bradford.

“You have finally made me understand diets and food in five minutes and your ‘junk food’ session really does make you think. Very educational”!

And our favourite one of all:

H from Shipley.

“Just to let you know I will not be coming again after this month. I am now training hard for a triathlon and understand now the mental toughness you have kept drilling into us. I would never have done it if it wasn’t for you all, pushing us all the time. Thanks for all your help, and I must say I have found you all really inspirational to be honest”.