What to expect

They say that ‘variety is the spice of life’ and that certainly is the case at a Commando Fit exercise session. The sessions are for all abilities and you do not have to be fit to take part, you just need to want to get fit or fitter and that means healthier.

All exercisers wear a coloured bib which denotes their current fitness level.

RED BIBS are for beginners and suitable for those people returning to exercise or not currently exercising;

BLUE BIBS are for current exercisers with an average level of fitness and;

GREEN BIBS are for fit people or those wanting to push themselves quite hard or for sport.

On your first session your motivational instructor will check your health questionnaire and explain the session. At all sessions your instructor will supply drinking water, as we will be on the move around the park, this will be done ‘hygienically’ at suitable intervals. Your instructor will also carry your car keys, so you do not need pockets.

You never know what you are going to get at a Commando Fit session, but you can bet that you will be working all the way through it. The session starts with a class warm up to mobilise and warm up all the joints. Summer or winter you will be wanting to remove layers after this bit. Then the main work begins; fun, interactive, challenging at a level that matches your ability. Some of the things you might do are:

  • Sit ups, press ups and burpees, shoulder presses and sand bag lifts. Running, hopping and jumping.
  • Water and log carries. Tug of wars and relay races
  • Tag (or tig) and ‘Man down’ drills, Guess the calories, Commando crawls. Boxing and skipping

After 50 minutes you are ready for the cool down. At the end of the session the instructor will answer any further questions you may have. Job done, 600+ calories burned and permission to go home and radiate (or collapse until acclimatised!).

Believe to Achieve

We will get you VERY FIT and YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT and with a FREE trial you can try before you buy. What are you waiting for?