Based on our own military training experiences from real boot camps (aka Basic Training), we’ll get you to achieve ANYTHING.

For many people looking at what we do, it will probably be seen as another Boot Camp. For those who know though, it’s much more than this and will really change your life. Based on the founders military service and athletic training, our programme has been adapted to meet the needs of everyone. Our training methods will leave you feeling energized and alive and wanting more. Simply put, our programme is addictive. Minimal equipment but with maximum results – both physically and most importantly, mentally.

There are no fancy moves to learn, just effective exercises and other training modalities to get the most out of yourself. At Commando Fit we get you to believe in yourself and over the year will actively encourage you to get involved with our own members’ challenges and experience great things and great camaraderie. Our motto ‘Believe to achieve’ was actually inspired by you, our clients, who never fail to amaze us.

Our clients these days do so much; conquering many mountains, swimming the English Channel and pretty much everything in between. So, whether you’re wanting to run your first 5k, Marathon, Mud Run or cycle a Sportive, you can rest assured that you can achieve anything with our support. FAILURE WILL NOT BE AN OPTION.  

We only live once BUT are you ready to leave your legacy? It starts with your first free class, so get it booked and report for duty.

A Typical Class

60 minutes of Commando Fit is all you need to get an effective workout that will continue burning calories long after you finish the class. The class targets every major muscle group and burns in excess of 600 calories and increases your metabolism over time to ensure you not only get fit, but move towards your ideal weight too.

So what’s next? Go commando and book your FREE Trial today.

Commando Fit Videos

Warm Up

Raises the heart rate and gets those muscles working right from the start.

Weight Exercises

Keep the calorie burn going whilst conditioning the muscles to the stresses of exercise.

Partner Exercises

Allow you to know you are not on your own and that everyone is working just as hard and supporting you through-out the session. Cardio burn gets the heart rate high and maintains it there for as long as is needed before the recovery period to allow active recovery.

Core Strength

Works that all important central pillar to ensure you condition those muscles on firm foundations.


Tempo, fartlek, interval, speed, threshold. We use all manner of methods to get you faster and fitter. Don’t worry if you can’t run well, as a power walk will achieve our objectives.

Team Effort

Allows you to be part of something unique, and gives you a healthy dose of the military ethos ‘in it together’.

Power and Best Effort

Allows you to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Cool Down

Well done, you’ve just achieved something magic. Time to start that stretching and recovery process.