Yorkshire Tough Commando Challenge £49

A tough commando and military style physical endurance test similar in ways to the SAS selection test known as the Fan Dance but including more challenges to prove to yourself you also have a mental capacity which can exceed your physical capacity.

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Tough Commando Phase 1

This is our hardest challenge and appeals to people looking for an ultimate physical, and of course the resultant mental challenge. However, we must stress that it is not aimed at the super-fit but those who can keep going. What you do on this day will transcend into other aspects of your life as you prove to yourself you can overcome ANYTHING with the right mental state.

It uses some of our famous Yorkshire hills in some of the more remote areas of the county and so feels more like some of the tests used in special forces due to the terrain we will be working in! In this event, participants simulate a TAB (Tactical Advance to Battle) in a speed march over the hills and terrain with a rucksack containing 30LB (with water and food removed but including spare waterproofed clothing kit) covering a distance of approximately 30km overall. Phase 1 of the challenge, starting from our meeting point at the Bridge Inn (Satnav HD9 2NQ) will cover approximately 13- 14km (8 mile) to the first checkpoint and your first replen.

Phase 2

This phase will extend the physical challenge but bring in a mental challenge and will include another vital military element – teamwork. You will undertake several challenges in this phase and although it will be shorter, it will nonetheless be a demanding phase and test your ability to still give 100% when tired under the watchful eye of the DS (Directing Staff). You will be going up against each other but also ‘egging’ each other on to keep pushing before also completing a little ‘mind over matter’ Bear Grylls style challenge.

Tough Commando Final Phase

This will be a final individual best effort as you try to return to the ERV (start point) within a challenging cut-off time to simulate a timed extraction from the ‘theatre’. The DS will then consult as you all do your wet and dry routines and medals will be presented to those who have completed all phases of the challenge with the overall event winner, the most resilient of participants being announced as the event’s ‘TOUGH COMMANDO’over a celebratory tipple at the finish point.


This is without a doubt bound to be the most physical test most civvies will have ever undergone so get your preparation spot on. It’s not aimed at super fit racing snakes - we are looking for people who have physical and mental resolve and above all some resilience. You just need to believe you have the ability to keep pushing beyond your normal limits for a sustained period and pass our selection tests designed to keep the pressure on you, some of which are mental as well as physical.

You can drop out at any time, and some participants will, guaranteed. Failure to complete a 'requested challenge' will also mean your name will be noted and there will be NO medal for you. Time to 'man up' and women are most welcome. Surely it can't be as hard as childbirth, can it?


  • Rucksack weighing 30LBs when food and water is removed
  • Sturdy footwear with grip and good soles
  • Combat trousers (see EBAY Combat 95) or quick drying walking trousers
  • Water bottles or hydration bladder
  • High energy foods and water
  • Complete set of waterproofed dry kit (T shirt, mid layer, fleece/ hoodie, trousers, socks and trainers)
  • Waterproofed phone
  • Basic first aid kit (plasters, bandage, blister tape)

You will check-in at 9am-9.30am on the morning of the challenge opposite the Bridge Inn at Holmbridge, 1.5 miles out of Holmfirth (Satnav HD9 2NQ). You must have a compulsory safety brief at 9.30am which includes checking your kit and weighing your Bergen (rucksack) with food and water removed.

You will all start the challenge together at 10am and aim to keep up with the main lead instructor who will set a fast pace which most people should be able to stay with. The harder you work the more rest you will get at the mandatory 1 minute en-route water stops and the main half way replen and it ‘pays to be a winner’ as they say in the military. End of Exercise (end-ex) will be called after approximately 4-5 hours when all phases have been undertaken and you will depart once any kit is handed back and we know you are safe and well for the drive home.

You are welcome to celebrate (or commiserate) with us after with refreshments (not provided so you need your own money!) where you can view possible DS photos and discuss training and preparation for any other challenges you may want to train for such as the National 3 Peaks in one weekend.

The cost includes a medal if you finish the course and complete all stages through to ‘end-ex’ (refunds not given to none finishers or people falling miles behind as the rear marker will set a relatively steady pace all the way through).

Not included: Food

November 13th 2016